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EP: 1
Welcome to

Welcome to

Set up, Execute Data Sets to predict outputs for customers.  Learn, Earn and Contribute with other...

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fruitchallenge is a educational game to entertain people to eat healthy. fruitchallenge also is to...

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EP: 25
Red Tide

Red Tide

RedTideChallenge is a game to educate residents about the cause and effect of this organism...

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Fishy quiz

Fishy quiz

Its a fishy challenge.

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QuantumChallenge is a leading education and solutions platform for quantum based experts working on...

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EP: 1000000
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle by EarthChallenge

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle by EarthChallenge

Reduce- the amount of resources and supplies needed to maintain an optimal value proposition to our...

5 Challenger/s

EP: 50
Entrepreneurs Challenge

Entrepreneurs Challenge

Join the entrepreneurs building the business for! Join and complete the quiz...

35 Challenger/s Under : Design Challenge

EP: 1000
Welcome to

Welcome to

CoinChallenge is a crypto game to bet coins against coins or assets verses assets based on timing...

3 Challenger/s

EP: 10000
Work Challenge

Work Challenge

Are you awesome at value creation output?  Earn a years salary in a weeks time by winning our...

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EP: 100

Carbon Challenge is a game to save the worlds rainforest, ocean, lands and air through a self...

7 Challenger/s

EP: 200
Content Challenge

Content Challenge

Do you have an idea for a content site that will allow writers and bloggers to publish their...

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EP: 500
Survey Mobile App

Survey Mobile App

Develop innovative mobile applications for today’s most pressing societal needs.Win cash prizes,...


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